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    If this is your first time to my website I would like to Welcome you.  My name is Kyle Johnson, and my farrier service is based out of Ringgold, GA.  Most of my shoeing is done off of Interstate 75 from Knoxville, TN down to Perry, GA.

    Horses have been a family business for three generations. My wife Heather Johnson is the Head Trainer at Creekside Reining Horses.  This is also where we stand DKYR, or Double Knot Your Reeboks. A reining stallion with 6 Congress championships, and Just under $80,000 in life time earnings.  I believe growing up around horses, and being around the show pen my entire life has given me a better insight on the needs, benefits, and even down falls of shoeing.  Since my entire family is in horses and every one has gone into a different area of horse world I have been fortunate enough to have experience in shoeing all types of horses.  From reining futurity champions, grand prix show jumpers, to our back yard lesson horses.  Every discipline has its own way of shoeing.  In most cases it is only noticed by farriers, but it is always a good idea to have a farrier that knows these differences.

    Unlike a lot of other farriers, I have an investment in the equine industry.    For me, I know the importance of having a sound horse, and wanting him to stay sound in and out of the show pen.  I currently own 15 horses that range from the brood mares and breeding stallions, to futurity and aged show horses. Being able to watch them work, show, and play has helped me become a better farrier.  Knowing how horses move and hit the ground can be one of the most important keys to shoeing, and spotting lameness.

    Now that all that is said, lets talk about shoeing.  As I have told you a sound horse is the most important thing to me.  Keeping the foot flat and the shoe level is the foundation that shoeing is built around.  In most cases keeping it simple is the best road to go, but just like life, every thing does not go to plan.  The only difference is I have the tools and knowhow to fix the problems when they come around. 

    The past four years I have been one of the official American Quarter Horse Congress Farriers.  My first year there I was the youngest farrier to ever be an “official farrier”.   Just being able to work with some of the best farriers in the country has given me a better understanding of the farrier world.  When you shoe horses, just like training them, you can never stop learning.  That’s why if there is ever a question that an owner has, I want them to ask.    It‘s the same way I learned, any time an owner is more informed, the farriers job is much easier.


    Thanks for taking the time to view my website. I look forward to hearing from you.  Have a nice day and stay sound.

Phone  (423) 488-4580